A Little Girl Lost

Why Are You Afraid

Why are you afraid?


I carry no contagion.

I do not bite or scratch.

I have no wounds in body.

My mind is quite intact.


I am alive.


By God’s grace and healing.

You would know if only you spoke.

I will tell you about my God.

I will tell you about His yoke.


I am able.


To hear God’s Word.

To worship Him–And pray.

To tell the old, old story.

That brought me to this day.


I sit in a wheelchair.


Do you see it?

Is it all you see?

I have a voice. Will you listen?

I am a person. Will you see me?


I step out in faith to tell you:


My heart cries every time you pass me by.

I long to share my glee.

You stare. You assume.

You don’t see.   Me.


I am a person with a disability.


I am not a disability.

© 2009 Berta Dickerson

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