A Little Girl Lost

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My eyelids fluttered in the bright light. Then I saw Earl leaning over me.
I tried to speak, but couldn’t.
Earl explained, “You’re in ICU at Western Baptist Hospital. You had a wreck. Your neck is broken and you’re paralyzed. You have a trach and you’re on a ventilator. You and Kari were…”
“Kari?” I mouthed in panic.
“She’s fine. She had several cuts on her head and a mild concussion. Your sister, Bobbi, is here taking care of her. It was New Year’s Day. Do you remember your dream?”
“Yes.” I had dreamed  that my cousin, Bob Wiley, was going to be in an accident on New Year’s Day on Highway 80. Earl told him about my dream and asked him to stay off 80 that day.
“Bob didn’t stay off Highway 80. Instead, he assisted the paramedics getting you out of the car after the accident.”
Was my dream wrong? No. Bob’s name was Robert Wiley. My maiden name was Roberta Wiley. And we were both there.
 “How long?” Earl read my lips.
“Seven weeks,” he replied as he lifted a limp hand in his and I saw fingers that couldn’t possibly be mine.
“Berta, you wouldn’t believe how many people are praying for you. Even the truck driver calls to check on you.”
I returned home weak and exhausted five months after the accident. I couldn’t move anything but my arms. Not my hands or my fingers. I couldn’t feel anything below my collarbones.
Depressed, I just wanted to be left alone. I withdrew from life.
Though my body could do little, God wasn’t finished molding my earthen vessel. I sat through many Bible studies, sermons and workshops without paying attention – I thought.
Over the years, God provided me with multiple opportunities to serve Him. Hearing His word – no matter my intent – and continued study prepared me to live and breathe as Jesus taught His disciples.
I am still physically paralyzed, but I am not an invalid. I am a spiritually alive child of God through the blood of Jesus.
“(Y)ou, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand” (Isaiah 64:8 NIV).
“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6 NIV).
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Mathew 28:19 NIV).
In Christ,
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Dancing With the Morning Star

The sound of the powerful orchestra lifts me as my gown of luminescent silk flows like mist around me. Twirling and swaying as my King leads me, I move like liquid. My spirit is alive here in His throne room.
Excitement sweeps me up, and I see only Him as the music becomes more intense. I glide. I swing. The music rises and falls, crescendos and I collapse. Spent in my body, yet overflowing in my spirit.
I awake with tears of elation trickling down my cheeks. I try to go back to sleep. “Just one more minute with my Lord, please?” This longing tears at my soul, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. “Just one more minute…”
Is it a dream? Some may call it “wishful thinking.”
I know, deep in my soul, it is a vision of my heavenly home. No longer trapped in this paralyzed and weak frame, my heavenly body will dance with the Morning Star. I will live in ecstasy worshiping my Beloved for all eternity.
“Let him lead me to the banquet hall,
    and let his banner over me be love.
My beloved is mine and I am his;
    he browses among the lilies.
Until the day breaks
    and the shadows flee,
turn, my beloved,
    and be like a gazelle
or like a young stag
    on the rugged hills”
                  (Song of Songs 2:4, 16, 17 NIV).
In Christ Alone,
“I, Jesus, … am the bright Morning Star” (Revelation 22:16 NIV).
Friends, Remember to share with your friends. People are being blessed around the world for God. I am so thankful to be a broken vessel in the hands of a loving God. May He bless you as well.
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