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The Upper Room Devotional

When I was in rehab, Earl began reading The Upper Room daily devotions to me before saying goodnight. When I came home, he continued to read them each night. Our conversations about the messages written from around the world were often short but always focused on our Lord’s faithfulness.

As we settled down to sleep one Sunday night, Kari, our daughter, asked from her bedroom, “Daddy, aren’t you going to read The Upper Room?” We had overlooked the reading, having prayed and turned the light off. We never imagined our teen-age daughter was listening to our quiet time in the Lord and would hold us accountable. Earl rolled over, turned the light on, and read from The Upper Room.

I’m still reading The Upper Room devotional more than twenty years later. I receive the devotions in my inbox each morning. They draw me closer to God and strengthen my Christian walk. They increase my knowledge of Christianity in far places and encourage my faith.

We read, “That you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12 NIV).

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In Christ, 

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Enrich Your Faith

Every night as Earl and I prepare for bed, Earl places an oxygen cannula under my nose to help me breathe healthy oxygen-rich air as I sleep. When he lays down he positions his C-PAP mask over his nose and turns the machine on to help him breathe deep and oxygenate his blood.
All our lives we have inhaled and exhaled with hardly a thought—taking breathing for granted. With these therapeutic measures, we’ve discovered afresh how oxygen truly sustains our body. Without it, our minds become confused and disoriented. Our bodies weak and tired.

When I take deep refreshing breaths to fill my lungs with oxygen-rich air I feel the strength return in my body and my mind clears.

This is often the way we relate to God. It’s easy to take the breath of God, the Holy Spirit, for granted. Shallow Bible reading and irregular Bible study allow our Christian faith to become lethargic and our relationship with the Lord wanes.

Sometimes we need “therapeutic measures” to enrich our faith. Most Christian churches have a multitude of faith-enriching activities. Whether you like large or small, young- middle- adult- or seniors, men’s or women’s Bible study groups they’re all available. Local, national and international mission opportunities abound for growing stronger in our faith.

You can read daily devotionals or follow a Bible reading plan. Read, watch or listen to stories of Christian faith, tribulation and triumph. Recently I watched a video of Billy Graham preaching in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1970. The era and location was different but God’s word is unchanged.

By actively pursuing ways to enrich our faith, we awaken each morning fresh and energized—ready to share the gospel.

“Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith” (1 Timothy 6:11, 12 NIV).

In Christ,


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Laying in my bed over the last year, I often felt alone and isolated, even separated from God. With my paralysis and the limited use of my arms and hands, I couldn’t hold a book and soon found myself watching TV and sleeping all day. Friends called and some visited. Many sent lovely cards with words of encouragement. (I still look forward to mail call).

Then in the early days of spring when I still couldn’t get out and I was desperate for fellowship I received the best gift ever, a laptop computer. My husband, Earl, set it up on a tilt table and with my head raised I typed using a rubber-tipped stick in a splint on my right hand.

The joy of writing in my journal again excited me. However, the first thing I did was open my email. A long time subscriber to the Upper Room online for my daily devotions I began reading them again, and God was right there waiting for me.

He continues to meet me via email every morning. I often read a devotion and find that I know the author. Have you considered receiving the Upper Room online? Do you know someone who would benefit from it? http://upperroom.org/devotional/email/

Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you (Hebrews 13:5b NIV).

In Christ Alone,

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