A Little Girl Lost

When I was in rehab, Earl began reading The Upper Room daily devotions to me before saying goodnight. When I came home, he continued to read them each night. Our conversations about the messages written from around the world were often short but always focused on our Lord’s faithfulness.

As we settled down to sleep one Sunday night, Kari, our daughter, asked from her bedroom, “Daddy, aren’t you going to read The Upper Room?” We had overlooked the reading, having prayed and turned the light off. We never imagined our teen-age daughter was listening to our quiet time in the Lord and would hold us accountable. Earl rolled over, turned the light on, and read from The Upper Room.

I’m still reading The Upper Room devotional more than twenty years later. I receive the devotions in my inbox each morning. They draw me closer to God and strengthen my Christian walk. They increase my knowledge of Christianity in far places and encourage my faith.

We read, “That you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12 NIV).

You too can receive The Upper Room in your inbox each morning by signing up HERE You can order the Upper Room print edition HERE 

In Christ, 

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Comments on: "The Upper Room Devotional" (4)

  1. Berta: This is a very dear story.

  2. Thanks quietspirit!

  3. Hi Berta, It's so cool to see how our spirituality affects out kids — even when we don't think they're paying attention. Great encouragement!

  4. Peggi, Thanks for stopping by. I hold my daughter's spiritual life dear to my heart.

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